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For Website Design Andover & Search Engine Optimisation Andover Connect Social Marketing offer a competitively priced service to small local businesses.

Website Design Andover

  • Are you looking for a website for your business?
  • Do you need a domain name and hosting?
  • What about all those social media sites you need to know about, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Instagram, Google +, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn and hundreds of others?
  • What about all those Directories that seem to be all over the place at the moment, no one looks at them but Google seems to love them during this round of their never ending updates, whims and follies?
  • And what about all that writing that needs to be put into your website?
  • How can you keep up to date knowing all of this when trying to run your own business and the challenges that brings?


We can solve ALL of this for you

Website Design Andover Web Designers Andover Search Engine Optimisation Andover 07798 611 389


As you are probably aware fewer people are using offline media such as Yellow Pages, Newspapers, and Radio. It is absolutely VITAL to have your online marketing working like a finely tuned machine. Connect Social Marketing is offering you an opportunity to take your business to the next level. Using our internet marketing expertise we will review your current online efforts and define a marketing strategy to increase your business by optimising and increasing your online presence.


A website optimised for the major search engines will boost your position in search engine results. You can have the best looking website in the world but it won't bring you any customers if they don't know its there. 80% of people searching the internet using a search engine such as Google will open one or all of the top 3 results. Think about your own web searching habits, how often do you venture onto Page 2 or to the depths of Page 3 and beyond? Not very often at all I expect, and neither do your customers.


For nearly all businesses your website is your shop window to the world. Depending on what your business is what does your website mean to your potential customers? What are your potential customers looking for? If you have products to sell you need a very different website than someone who is offering a service such as plumbing or decorating. If you're a tradesperson then the chances are your customers are on your site just for a phone number, the more people who see your page the more your phone rings. The best form of advertising is word of mouth, but for that to happen you need customers in the first place, or to have been in business for many years with an excellent reputation. The next best forms of advertising are Google search and possibly Facebook. That's where we can help your business gain new customers and succeed. Are you tired of those "one size fits all" website companies who advertise on the television? Well, so are we, those ugly websites don't often get seen anyway, and they aren't even a cheap alternative anymore as your monthly spend goes up on their inbuilt optimisation programmes and Adwords. 


Website Design Andover Web Designers Andover Search Engine Optimisation Andover 07798 611 389


We have a customer that we save £300.00 per MONTH on their advertising spend AND they have more customers than they ever thought possible. They think I'm wonderful and I want you to think that too.


We know that your business is as individual as you are and your marketing strategy needs to be tailored to your specific business with your specific needs.


We have run successful small businesses in the past and know what it takes to make a small business profitable. We take a great pleasure in helping and seeing your business succeed and hearing about how our website and marketing strategies are working for you.


We are a local company run and operated by local people. Let our expertise make You Successful.


For a no obligation quotation call us today on 07798 611389


The sooner you call the sooner we can start work and the quicker you rank in Google. More customers for you which means more product or service sold and more profit.

Website Design Andover Web Designers Andover Search Engine Optimisation Andover 07798 611 389


Website Design Andover

Web Design In Andover


If you are looking for website design in Andover then you've come to the right place.

Here at Connect Social Marketing we are open and honest about the service you will get and we will not blind you with science or tech speak. As small business owners ourselves we understand that every penny and every customer counts so we will create the best possible website for your budget and get your project off the ground as smoothly and quickly as possible. We offer a telephone support service and aim to exceed your expectations.


Web Design Andover Web Designers Andover Search Engine Optimisation Andover 07798 611 389



Call us for a discussion on your website needs and we'll be happy to come and meet you and offer advice on the best way to proceed with your site and how best to promote it.


We look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best either with your new business or your new website and welcome you to give Connect at web design Andover  the chance to quote for your work. 



Web Design Andover Web Designers Andover Search Engine Optimisation Andover 07798 611 389



With the process of creating a website becoming easier and easier with the myriad of 'template' type services available they will never compare or rank in  the search engines as well as one created and optimised by a professional web designer. Not every website designer in Andover understands about search engine optimisation, and why would they as they are two totally different things. We build websites with search engine optimisation in mind.

We create all our sites using WordPress, we love the concept and so do the search engines. It helps keep your costs down and you can easily make your own changes if you wish. We will show you how to manage your website so you can stay in control. Of course we will do all your changes for you if you desire but find most of our customers like to have the freedom to add their own text and pictures when they want to.

You have arrived at my website either because you have been recommended by a customer who is happy with my web design services or because you found me in the search engine rankings. If you found us via a search engine then this proves we know what we are doing when it comes to website design and search engine optimisation. 


Use a website designer that you feel you can work with and who will give you the website you want and not the website they want to make. Ideally choose a website design Andover company that is easily contactable and one that can visit to sort any problems out.  In the early stages of your project it is likely you will have a lot of contact with your website design Andover web master so choose one that you know you can get hold of quickly and one that will respond to your requests. We often work late into the evening and can be contacted late into the night to ensure your website gets finished on time or the changes you make get done as soon as possible.


Website Design Andover Web Designers Andover Search Engine Optimisation Andover 07798 611 389



We know there are many hundreds of web designers in Hampshire so we hope you like our approach to web design and search engine optimisation and decide to give us a call so we can talk some more about your project. We are also pleased to be ranking for website optimisation Andover as well as many other search engine terms.  Website design in Andover is changing rapidly along with website optimisation Andover and your company needs to keep up. 



Since the new Google update we have seen an increase in calls from companies that have relied on Google. Some companies that have for many years been high in the search engine rankings have lost their placings. Do not panic, with a little work from a company that knows what it is doing we can get you back to where you deserve to be. Try our website optimisation Andover service for your local search engine listing. This service does not happen overnight but is a slow measured process. If your website has dropped in the rankings and you are losing customers consider giving us a call for a low cost solution to your problem. We have mentioned on other pages on this site that we do not start charging the top tier of our service until your website design Andover site has been top of Google for a full calendar month. This means that you can gain customers and get paid before you have to pay us. In this economic climate we hope you can see this an excellent opportunity for you to keep hold of your cashflow while Connect Social Marketing do the work for you. Our website design Andover packages start at  250 pounds for a simple site and our website optimisation Andover service can be as little as seventy five pounds per month paid in arrears. There is no contract so you can cancel at any time. We are confident in just 3 months we will find search words that your potential customers are searching and get them ranked.



To make things fair for the businesses that use us we only take on one type of company at a time. We are so good at what we do we think it would be unfair to have two plumbers or two electricians using our service as we think that would be a conflict of interest and unfair. After all we cannot rank 2 companies at the top of Google for the same search terms. We have in the past had to turn down work for this very reason.This might sound a little daft but we want you to be a customer for a long time and we want to help grow your website design Andover pages into the market leader, We want to be on our Facebook, Twitter pages and our blog telling our followers what we have done for your business.


A Simple Website Would Be –  (Similar to this one you are reading now!)


• A Home page promoting your service or product including any graphics that are needed.

• 4 Page Layout. You will need a 'Contact' page' & a 'Terms & Conditions' page.

• Custom Graphics. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so it is essential to get your graphics right. We can advise on where to buy pictures if you don't have any of your own or we can do the photography for you. 

• 4 Page Layout 

• Contact Us Page with working forms that are sent to the email of choice or you can use the email we can provide using your website address as your extension i,e yourname@yourwebsite

• Free  Email Accounts while you are hosting with us, we can provide up to 10 emails per site.

• Free Traffic Reporting


Website Design Andover Web Designers Andover Search Engine Optimisation Andover 07798 611 389




A More Advanced Website Would Be:


• Multiple Pages with Drop Down Menu


• Working Built-In Blog


• Search Engine Optimisation for keywords


• Multiple  Page Layout 


• Contact Us Page with working forms that are sent to your email of choice.


• Free Traffic Reporting  


Note: Every website is custom and designed to meet your business needs. This is just a sample of what would be included with your package, call us for a free consultation. 



Website Design Andover Web Designers Andover Search Engine Optimisation Andover 07798 611 389



Website Design Andover






It's possible to get your site up in less than a week.


We do website design in Andover and website optimisation Andover for various customers. Mainly our customer base are small businesses that are selling a service or product. We not only help these companies with the website they want we also help with the design and the search engine optimisation. We help you with the design, your copy writing, pictures and graphics depending on your needs. For those that need a full branding service including logo's we can help with that as well. Connect is a local company so we can come to you and talk through your needs face to face, most of the other companies under the search term 'website design in Andover' on the first page of the search pages are in fact based many miles away or even in a different country. We do not outsource any of our work abroad and all the design work and website design is produced in Andover.


Apart from website design in Andover we also specialise in Search Engine Optimisation Andover and Search Engine Optimisation UK. This means we work on your behalf to get your website seen by as may people as possible.


Search us on Google under the term website design Andover, it is Januaury 8th at 2:32am and we are now 6th on page one. Please follow our progress as we continue to get our website design Andover page ranked into the top three places.


Our Search Engine Optimisation Andover site is already number one in Google and and has been there for a little over a month. Website optimisation Andover is also doing well along with the term Search Engine Optimisation UK. 


For Website Design Andover call us on 07798 611 389

Website Design Andover