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For website design in Hampshire, Connect Social Marketing offer a fast, friendly, personnel service. Based in Andover Hampshire  we serve customers throughout the area including Berkshire, Surrey and Dorset.


If you are looking for  web design in Hampshire then you've come to the right place.

Here at Connect we are open and honest about the service you will get and we will not blind you with science or tech speak. As small business owners ourselves we understand that every penny and every customer counts so we will create the best possible website for your budget and get your project off the ground as smoothly and quickly as possible. We offer a telephone support service and don't mind phone calls late into the night. Our aim is to exceed your expectations and over deliver on our products and our services.


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Nothing would thrill us more to know that we had played a part in your future success. Come and meet us and we will show you exactly what we can do for you and your business. If you are anything like me you have had enough of companies promising the earth and delivering nothing, we almost expect to be let down the minute contracts are signed, we aim to deliver the service we would want ourselves if in your position. 


We are new and have a lot to prove, the clients we have so far are amazed at the service they receive, we would like you to join them.


Call us for a discussion on your website needs and we'll be happy to come and meet you and offer advice on the best way to proceed with your site and how best to promote it.


We look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best either with your new business or your new website.



Web Design Andover Web Designers Hampshire Search Engine Optimisation Hampshire  07798 611 389



With the process of creating a website becoming easier and easier with the myriad of 'template' type services available they will never compare or rank in  the search engines as well as one created by a professional web designer.  The difference between making a website through an online ‘What You See Is What You Get’ editor and one that is created by a web designer is one will look square and static and one will look inviting with a bespoke web design with that 'designer' design look.  Obviously being web designers we are going to advise you choose a professional website designer as we create websites that are aesthetically pleasing and ones that also rank well in the search engines. It is no good having a well designed website if no one ever sees it. Not every web designer in Hampshire understands about search engine optimisation, and why would they as they are two totally different things but luckily we enjoy the search engine optimisation work and have done just about every course going to learn it inside out. Below are some tips that will help you compare multiple web designers in Hampshire and help you make an informed decision as to which website designer you will go for.

We create all our sites using WordPress, we love the concept and every website looks different. It helps keep your costs down and you can easily make your own changes. We will show you how to manage your website so you can stay in control. Of course we will do all your changes for you if you wish but find most of our customers like to have the freedom to add their own text and pictures when they want to. We can even supply you with videos on how to do the simple edits.  You do not have to learn complicated codes and computer languages and will easily pick up the basics of web design with our help.

Once you have understood the basics of designing a website, you will find yourself better able to decide the kind of website designing services you want. This would be the first thing that you could compare when looking for web design in Hampshire for your website.


Web Design Andover Web Designers Hampshire Search Engine Optimisation Hampshire  07798 611 389


You have arrived at my website either because you have been recommended by a customer who is happy with my web design services or because you found me in the search engine rankings. If you found us via a search engine then this proves we know what we are doing when it comes to website design and search engine optimisation. Either way we will give you the best advice we can on how to proceed with the design of your website and help you with your search engine rankings.

Ask every potential website designer company you are considering using for samples of their work so that you can judge them on what they have previously designed.

Use a website designer that you feel you can work with and who will give you the website you want and not the website they want to make. In the early stages of your project it is likely you will have a lot of contact with your website designer so choose one that you know you can get hold of quickly and one that will respond to your requests. We often work late into the evening and can be contacted late into the night to ensure your website gets finished on time or the changes you make get done as soon as possible.


We know there are many hundreds of places you can go to get web design in Hampshire so we hope you like our approach to web design and search engine optimisation and decide to give us a call so we can talk some more about your project. 

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Web Design Andover Web Designers Hampshire Search Engine Optimisation Hampshire  07798 611 389