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Search Engine Optimisation UK


Here is an interesting piece on the regulation of search engine optimisation uk from The Huffington Post. It raises some interesting questions and some that are impossible to answer.

I have not posted this to show the original debate. The article is mainly about should the search engine optimisation uk industry be regulated? Of course as a 'self proclaimed' search engine optimisation expert I am bound to say the industry should be regulated, that is obvious. I have written this article and draw you attention to it because of another factor that is discussed! This article tells of the consequences of using search engine optimisation uk webmasters  and the impact they can have on your business. We are always very careful with your site, we realise that if it is already ranked in Google it probably brings in a massive proportion of your work. Using a search engine optimisation uk company that doesn't follow some strict criteria could mean your site is deindexed by Google. For search engine optimisation in Andover call Connect Social Marketing and let us look after your site.

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