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Connect Social Marketing for a local solution to search engine optimisation Andover. We offer a bespoke optimising service that will get your site placed higher up the Search Engine rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Search Engine Optimisation Andover


You have found our site because we are ranked number 1 on page one of Google for the term "search engine optimisation Andover", our thinking is you want to use a company that has already proved itself by being the very first company you will see in the organic listings for a term you have searched. In  the past few months we have ranked page one of Google for our customers for competitive search terms including "Gates Hampshire" "Wooden Gates Hampshire" "Flower Essences Hampshire" "Electric Gates Hampshire" "Hampshire Post" and have also ranked a customer for the highly competitive "Make Money Online niche.

A well optimised website means more visitors and more customers for your business. The chances are you are here at our site right now because you are looking for a search engine optimisation company in Andover and you typed "search engine optimisation Andover" into Google, this page is in the top 3 and so you have 'clicked' onto our site.

80% of all the searches to any site go to those top 3 pages in Google, if your site isn't in the top 3 then you are missing out on a lot of work, work that is going to your competitors.


Website Design Andover Web Designers Andover Search Engine Optimisation Andover


There are two ways to manipulate your search engine optimisation (SEO), onsite and offsite. Onsite SEO techniques are things that  go on behind the scenes to ensure your site gets seen and indexed, Offsite  SEO is the part that most people don’t know how to do, and that isn’t a criticism as Google is forever changing the boundaries on what it wants from you to keep your page ranked high. Offsite SEO means all the work that goes into getting your website ranked that is done away from your website, this means things like your social media, backlinks and articles.

When the search engines send spider bots to analyse your website they report back with information including keywords, images, meta tags, keyword density and new content. It is essential for your rankings to be able to regularly update your site with good quality unique content, if a spider bot keeps coming back to your site and finds nothing has changed then your rankings will quickly disappear. 
With Google's latest updates it is more important than ever to have fresh unique content on your website. Unique content is now paramount to getting a good search engine ranking, especially on Google.

Keywords play a massive roll in the placing of your website. When we first meet a new customer we find out as much as possible about the business then we can come back and analyse the words the customer thinks will draw in customers and the ones we use through our powerful software. The words we use are called ‘Keywords’ and can be one, two, three or more words together that we know people are using to search the web. The keywords we use are used naturally and in the correct density for maximum benefit to your site.  Pages that have over 10% of the words being keywords or keyword phrases are going to hurt your rankings rather than help them.

Let Connect Social Marketing create your websites sitemap. Again this is an important often overlooked step that needs to be done correctly to ensure your sites and your business success.


Website Design Andover Web Designers Andover Search Engine Optimisation Andover


If you want your website to rank higher in the search engines give us a call and we'll tell you what you can expect and the best way to promote your site. For search engine optimisation Andover we believe you cannot get better at the prices we charge.

For A FREE Consultation into what we can do for your business call Gary on 07798 611389.



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What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation Andover





SEO Andover – The Key To Ongoing Online Success

SEO is the acronym used for "search engine optimization", the term which describes the process of creating a website that is search engine friendly.

Every business owner who is serious about promoting their business and attracting a flood of visitor traffic, needs to consider utilizing SEO as a primary marketing strategy.

SEO is first and foremost, the method of optimizing a website so that when the search engines assess it, they will see value in it and promote it on their rankings to enable searchers to find it more easily.

SEO is more effective when included in the planning prior to (rather than after) the creation of a website, because everything is put in its right place from the beginning, and each stage is done in line with your ultimate goal of creating a site which is search engine optimized.

If the website has been going for some time, then on-site and off-site changes may need to be made to increase the amount of traffic coming to the site.

SEO encompasses a whole lot of strategies and methods, and internet experts differ in their opinions about how a website is best optimized. Some believe in a more narrow, focused approach, while others think it's better to take a broader, more general attitude.

Systems are installed within the website which tell the search engines that the website is highly relevant and valuable to people typing in the search. Websites are rated by search engines on how effectively they give good quality information.

On that basis, websites with little or no valuable information, get pushed down the rankings, and searchers are directed only to the websites higher up the rankings, that the search engines deem more valuable and relevant. In this way, using SEO helps you develop a website which dovetails to the needs of a searcher more effectively, which then causes the search engines to drive more traffic to your site.

The major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN are responsible for most of the traffic going to a website, and depending on which search engine it is, they each have their own requirements about what they look for in a website's value to searchers, in terms of information, content and resources.

The onus is then on the website owner or developer to present a website which contains inherent value. If this is done well, the potential to increase visitor traffic flow is enhanced considerably, which then increases the prospect of online success.

Remember though that SEO is not intended to circumvent or contravene prescribed search guidelines. Rather, it is meant to create an environment where good quality content is balanced with relevant keywords and design.

With SEO, a website is positioned to excel in the rankings, but without it, it is going to be a struggle to attract any traffic, let alone convert any visitors into buyers.

Because of its nature, SEO can be the cheapest, most effective long-term solution for business owners who want the best return on their investment, in regard to marketing their business. Many proponents of SEO methodology say they get a much better ROI from this marketing method than from other forms of advertising such as PPC, online ads, newsletters and email marketing.







Isikeli Varea is an internet marketer as well as a local business internet marketing consultant. He is also the published author of the book: "How To Win Clients and Influence Traffic", a book on search engine optimization techniques.



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Search Engine Optimisation Andover

Website Design Andover Web Designers Andover Search Engine Optimisation Andover


Search Engine Optimisation Andover The Connect Customer Journey

Most of the people that call me already have a web site. Some of them have had them for many years and are no longer even in touch with the original web designer. Some have made their own using a site like 1&1 or Wix and wonder why it isn’t being shown in the search engines.
The first site I had built cost me £3000, it was awful but I think back then they all were. The chap that designed it was quite proud of the fact that if you put in Flower Essences Andover it came out top on Google. Even as naive as I was I didn’t think that was particularly great considering the site was called Flower Essences Andover and was the only flower essence shop in Andover. That site was never seen by anyone. We ploughed ahead with the essence shop and took the decision to revamp the site with a new company. This time it cost £7,000 and the site looked great and you could buy things on it using a credit card terminal. The major problem with this site was the chap that designed it thought he owned it. I even went on a course to learn how to use the software that was running the online shop only to find out the web guy had coded it in such a way that I couldn’t even make simple additions to MY site without paying him to do it. Ever had the feeling you’ve been cheated? After a very short meeting with the brothers that owned that web company I came away with a sizable chunk of the £7,000 and decided I was going to learn to do this myself. It took years even though I came from a design and print background it was like learning a new language. Connect Social Marketing was born.

I took this name because at that time you could use a new fangled website called Facebook and create a website inside of it and use it socially to find customers. I spent a long time creating sites and adding them to Facebook through something called an iFrame. Then Facebook took that feature away and I found myself back at square one. By this time I was in touch with many like minded people and kept hearing of a new software called WordPress. Most people think of WordPress as a free blog, which it is and continues to be. But there is another part of WordPress that is a fantastic platform for creating websites. And Google loves it. The best thing about WordPress is that anyone can use it with a little tuition, giving my customers freedom as to what they put on their site on a daily basis if they wish to. For the first time they can make simple edits or add content without having to pay a web designer an hourly rate to do so.

I’ve written this to explain what you can expect once you start to use Connect Social Marketing for your website.


Website Design Andover Web Designers Andover Search Engine Optimisation Andover

The first thing you need is a domain name, this is the title of your website or your company name. I will help you choose a suitable name if you wish. We then purchase that name, your business now has an identity. That domain name needs to live somewhere and so does the content that goes on it, this part is called your hosting. I have my own hosting and it is a box that lives in an ex nuclear bunker in Surry. Yes it costs me a small fortune but the service I receive is second to none, its locall in internet terms and in 6 years I have never had a problem with it. The time it spends online is 99.99%. The last time it was offline was for routine maintenance for 2 hours early on a Sunday morning about a year ago, disruption was not even noticed. The server is fast and capable of handling any amount of web traffic your site can get. You can get hosting for just a few dollars a month if you look online. The problem is your server will be in America and your site will live with thousands of others, some of which will be spam sites which your site could well be tarred with. One company I come across regularly is 1&1, their servers are in Germany. Now perhaps you can see why Joe Bloggs Plumbing in Andover isn’t being found on Google, even using the 1&1 search engine optimisation package which is costing you ten pounds per month and many hours of your time. And chances are your site is pretty ugly too. But that’s ok as no one will ever see it.
So now you have a name for your website (domain name) and somewhere for it to live (hosting). The next part is making the website.
We will create your website in WordPress. If you don’t have a logo for your company we can make you one. We will advise on colours and pictures, if you need pictures we can get them for you or you may use your own.


Website Design Andover Web Designers Andover Search Engine Optimisation Andover



For A FREE Consultation into what we can do for your business call Gary on 07798 611389


Website Design Andover Web Designers Andover Search Engine Optimisation Andover


23 FAQ'S on Search Engine Optimisation Andover (SEO)


1.What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
Search Engine Optimisation is the process of preparing a web site in order to achieve search engine rankings that drive traffic to your site. SEO is an ongoing process beginning with the initial optimisation of the site, monthly maintenance of the site, regular evaluation of search results and adjustments to the site.

2. What good is having a web site if it is not being seen?
90% of Internet buyers are turning to search engines to find the products they want. Google alone conducts over 150 million searches a day. In fact, recent studies show that purchasers are about 12 times more likely to buy your products or services after finding your site through a search engine than all other traditional advertising methods combined (including trade shows, print ads, direct mail, radio, and even television)… at a fraction of the cost! Why? Simply put, when a consumer finds you through a search engine they are ready to buy. With traditional forms of media, you are broadcasting a message hoping to reach the right consumer at the right time.

As searchers generally only explore the first two pages in the search results, achieving high rankings on the search engines will make an enormous difference in the amount of visitor traffic your site receives.

3. Why doesn't my web site rank very well in the search engines?
Having your web site rank high in the search engines is a science and the rules for search engine optimisation (SEO) are always changing.

Here are some reasons why you may be having poor ranking:

Incorrect usage of the TITLE tag or no TITLE tag content.
Too many occurrences of the same word in a page (spamming).
Missing H1 and H2 heading tag content.
Missing ALT tag content in your graphic links.
No meaningful content in the first 250 characters on each page.
Less than 200 words per page.
Very few pages on your website.
No links from other web sites to your web site (link popularity).

4. How does the Search Engine find websites?
There are two ways a search engine can find a website to add to its database. The first and most direct method is to accept submissions from web site designers and optimisers. Most search engines have a "submit your URL" section inviting submissions from Internet users.

The second, and least obvious method of finding websites is to send a "spider" to follow each and every link on, off, and through a website. New URLs encountered by the spider will be added to the database. In this way, some search engines will grow very rapidly.

5. How long does it take for SEO results to kick in?
The amount of time required to see results of search engine optimisation work range anywhere from 2 weeks to a few months. This is dependent on how often search engines update their index and subsequently re-rank sites. The Google Dance for example is almost a spectator sport among the SEO community.

6. What is my site ranking dependent on?
Site ranking tends to be "cumulative" and is dependent on the following factors:

The specific keyword phrases (search terms) that have been targeted
The overall competitiveness of your industry – how many players are there
Whether you are targeting a regional, national, or international market
How well ranking is monitored and the site tweaked over time for SEO improvement
The progress of your inbound linking campaign
Number of competitor sites achieving new ranking themselves.

7. Why might I need to have extra elements added to my website?
A search engine spider is an automated program that electronically probes every URL submitted to its database. As the spider is a computer program, it is designed to look for and rank very specific items on each page it probes. If those elements are present, the spider computes a higher ranking than it would if those elements were not present.

8. If these elements are so important, why didn't they get added when my site was originally designed?
Most website designers haven't learned the importance of search engine friendly design. In almost every case we've encountered, the site designer is a highly skilled and creative person whose job is to put your ideas on the web. More often than not, the designers have not received any training in search engine optimisation and don't think about it while pursuing a cool looking design.

Search engines are also constantly changing their ranking criteria. They do this to prevent gross manipulation of their search tools. Often, website designers are not fully up to date with changes at search engines.

9. Does every page of my website really need to be optimised?
In a word – yes. Every page of a website can be a potential entry point or 'landing page' for visitors. You can't predict which page or pages will be ranked the best for specific keywords. As such, each page must be individually optimised too for optimal ranking. Collectively, all pages of your web site reinforce the common "theme" of the site, which also can help boost ranking. Don't assume that your home page is the only important page on your site.

10. Isn't This Something We Can Do Ourselves?
Large amounts of time, attention and expertise are needed to achieve the desired results in such a constantly changing niche industry. The expense of adding personnel and necessary resources alone would quickly outweigh the cost of hiring our company, which is why outsourcing SEO is by far the most popular method. Remember, an SEO company has already established strong, ongoing relationships with all the top search engines, and has experienced professionals who are constantly researching the changes and trends in this dynamic field.

11. Can you guarantee a number #1 position in the search engines?
Nobody can guarantee a number #1 position or specific ranking for your site for a given keyword phrase in the organic search engine results. There are simply too many factors beyond anyone's control – the search engines changing their ranking algorithms, efforts made by competitors, and new sites being added to the Web.

Obtaining a specific ranking is analogous to managing a portfolio. Your financial advisor will do their best to monitor the stock market and other indicators and to make sure your portfolio is managed to the best of their abilities. However, your advisor cannot guarantee that your portfolio will be at a specific value or even that the amount will be up at all by a given date.

12. It's been several months and my website finally shows up in Google but it's ranked in the hundreds. Why is that?
It's not always easy to get better search engine rankings. In fact, search engine optimisation is part science and part art. Search engines continually change their algorithms and tweak their rules for ranking. It is possible that Google does not fully read your page due to structural issues, your web site (or at least individual web pages) could be lacking in meaningful content, no significant web sites link to you, your web site is too small to be of any value to people searching for your topic, or any other range of problems.

Search engines may be flooded with web sites on a given topic, making it more difficult to achieve higher rankings. As such, a good search engine optimiser will look for a niche to exploit. For example, consider whether your web site has greater appeal to a local, national, or international region.

13. My web site did not get accepted last time I submitted to the search engines… why?
Search Engine listings are not guaranteed to everyone who posts a web site to the Internet. Search engines are for-profit businesses and have the right to refuse to list any site for virtually any reason. We ensure all bases are covered and all necessary elements are present before submitting the finalised site to the search engines or directories.

14. Why Should I Choose to Outsource SEO?
To achieve a high ranking web site, you have to know exactly the most effective META tag design formula, best web copy writing techniques, keep track of current search engine ranking algorithms, know what format to submit the site in to every engine and how often to resubmit the site. You also need to know whether your site is technically compatible with search engine robots, what types of pages the engines will accept and which will be barriers to ranking, plus what sort of overall "relevancy score" your site will receive from each engine you submit to.

Not only that, but once you're ranking highly, you have to monitor your progress and adjust your tags every now and then to ensure you stay up above your competitors on all engines for your major search phrases. These are all crucial steps to a high ranking, but very time consuming and not your core business!

15. How Do You Choose the Best Keywords?
The first step in our SEO campaign is to develop your Keyword Profile. Based on your initial input, we will use a combination of experience and software programs to generate a list of the most effective and well-searched keywords in your industry. We then work together to refine this list and compile the list of keywords and phrases that will be most beneficial to your product or services. You know your business and we know ours. We know how important it is to work together to generate the most effective Keyword Profile possible.

16. Will You Need to Access Our Web Server?
Yes, we will need access to your web server in order to upload and periodically update pages. We do our best to keep you informed every time we do an upload or make a change. It is vital that anyone else who may be making changes to your site stays current with the optimised pages we provide.

17. Do You Have to Make Changes to Our Site?
While many of the changes made to your site are done behind the scenes in the source code, it may be necessary to make certain minor changes to your site's copy or layout. In most cases, these changes are minimal. We post all changes made to the front end of your site to our test server for your approval before we go live with the changes.

18. I found other services that do what you do much more cheaply: how do I choose?
Some companies take advantage of the uninitiated web site owner promising top rankings for £9.95 or something similar. Beware of such promises – if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. That £9.95 will typically buy an automated submission to 10,000 "engines" that nobody ever visits or possibly even result in a domain ban for over submitting. Once the £9.95 campaign is finished, so is your domain. There is no such thing as #1 rankings in all search engines or "it only takes 2 weeks and £9.95".

More importantly, most of these services only include submission, not optimisation, as a part of their deal. Submitting an un-optimised site to the engines simply will not improve your rankings. If you don't plan on optimising your site before submission then you shouldn't bother submitting it at all.

19. What should I look for when choosing a SEO consultant?
The ideal Consultant is one that understands the dynamics of marketing, business, and technology – and employs the highest levels of integrity in their work. There are a number of unethical practices or short cuts that can be used in search engine optimisation, but the search engines themselves often times will not accept these questionable or "tricky" practices.

You should choose a company that doesn't promote these practices to achieve short-term results for its clients. You should also expect to benefit from the research expertise, customised approached, management expertise, and on-going consultative process from a SEO firm.

20. What's the right time for me to start a search engine marketing campaign and how long it last?
No time like the present! We usually establish 12-month campaigns. There is an enormous amount of education, research, analysis, technical programming, and testing performed in the first 3 months in particular.

21. How often will I receive search engine ranking reports?
We send out search engine ranking reports monthly to our clients.

22. How often do you resubmit my site to search engines?
If your site is search engine compatible and optimised correctly, regular resubmission to engines is generally unnecessary although we find that monthly submissions to some search engines assists in maintaining rankings. Our ranking reports and maintenance checks keep track of your site every four weeks. If your site is already ranking highly, there is no need to resubmit it. However if any engines have lowered or dropped your site altogether (as can happen from time to time), it will be resubmitted to those engines.

If an engine has dropped your rankings considerably since last report, it is time to tweak your META tags or check the optimised pages for any problems. This is included as part of your Monthly Site Ranking Management Service. Search engines will generally pick up the changes during their next edit and re-rank the site accordingly. Resubmission is usually only necessary if your site has undergone major content changes.

23. How will I know if my business increases as a result of top rankings?
There are numerous Web Analytics tools available in the market that can help you to track the effectiveness of your campaign. By the end of the first twelve months, you will get an analysis of your activity at the end of the campaign as compared to the baseline established at the beginning of the campaign.


Website Design Andover Web Designers Andover Search Engine Optimisation Andover








Kath Dawson is head of the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) team at Strategy Consulting Limited. We have a wealth of experience in delivering effective SEO to a wide range of clients. Contact us today to find out how our services could improve the results of your online business.







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Search Engine Optimisation Andover Marketing Tactics For Internet Businesses

Search engine optimisation marketing is one type of internet marketing strategy that businesses, whether in Scotland, the UK, or anywhere else, should dedicate efforts on. Although SEO techniques can be developed by website owners using their own resources and knowledge, expert search engine optimisation can be achieved only by experienced professionals who are able to recognize the complexities involved in effective optimisation.

Locating a search engine optimisation firm

Website owners who are expert enough in website search engine optimisation Andover can tweak and alter their sites on their own, in order to attract the notice of the search engines. However, most business owners nowadays don't have time to learn everything about SEO and Internet marketing.

Start-up websites moreover are battling against the more established websites which have already acquired more than their fair shares of web-acquired traffic. Due to numerous businesses and products vying for the same market, an Internet entrepreneur can find it an uphill struggle placing his website high on search rankings.

Finding a search engine optimisation specialist is therefore an imperative aspect of running a web-based business, assuming that you are no expert in successful SEO. You can search for such specialized services on the web, to evaluate whether the offered solutions are ideal for your business and planned budget.

What to look for in professional search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation companies normally employ SEO professionals who have undergone the necessary training and have dealt with various clients in search optimisation. These companies also offer a range of SEO services to potential clients, depending on the requirements, budget, and optimisation goals of clients or web business owners.

Effective search engine optimisation can only be accomplished however, if the techniques are accomplished legitimately and ethically. Some sneaky strategies like doorway pages, invisible text, cloaking, and keyword stuffing may fool the search engines for a while, but these tactics don't stay undetected for long. In fact, if your website is identified utilizing underhanded approaches, search engines like Google could pull your site out from their current listings.

Checking out affordable search engine optimisation strategies

Although PPC search engine placement is a viable technique for immediate incoming traffic, many website owners withdraw from it due to the costs involved. Opting for organic SEO has been found by most web entrepreneurs to be a time-consuming choice. It is however effective for long-term objectives and extremely budget-friendly for novice business owners. Natural search engine optimisation can include keyword detection and use, link building, and website development.

For your business to get ahead and achieve profitable traffic, it is necessary to obtain tactics in search engine optimisation Andover marketing. Internet professionals in Scotland, as well as the rest of the UK, can offer a wide range of web optimisation services for your online marketing goals.


Website Design Andover Web Designers Andover Search Engine Optimisation Andover








Marcus Bill is an experienced marketing advisor in the UK who teaches people exactly what to do and how to do it to reap great rewards with various online marketing strategies. He is also an online marketing consultant with SEPRO – specialized in Search Engine Marketing in Scotland.

SEPRO's team is a unique and balanced mix of professionals, who have decades of experience in their respective fields. They have worked on a wide range of projects ranging from small scale to large corporations, financial institutions and government departments. For more information feel free to get in touch with us at








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For A FREE Consultation into what we can do for your business call Gary on 07798 611389.


Search Engine Optimisation Andover – Helping Your Website Climb the Search Engine Results

Search engine optimisation, known in short as SEO, is considered to be one of the most cost effective promotional tools in the marketing sector and when you think about the fact that 85% of your customers will have most likely found your site via a search engine or a directory then you will appreciate how important good SEO is to get your business ranked highly in the search engine results.

The term SEO refers to search engine optimisation and search engine optimisers, who are a team of industry of consultants who carry out optimisation projects on behalf of clients, and by employees who perform SEO services in-house. Search engine optimisers may offer SEO as a stand-alone service or as a part of a broader marketing campaign.

Because effective SEO may require changes to the HTML source code of a site, SEO tactics may be incorporated into web site development and design. The term search engine friendly may be used to describe web site designs, menus, content management systems, URLs, and shopping carts that are easy to optimise.

The practice of search engine optimisation is all about making sure that the website evolves and grows. The way of doing this is by modifying both the internal and the external aspects of a site in order to increase the traffic that a site receives from search engines. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a very broad field, with various aspects encompassing a variety of disciplines ranging from Web design and development to public relations.

Below are just a few examples of the main aspects that are involved in the search engine optimisation Andover processes:

o Meta-tagging

o Re-writing your URLs

o Image optimisation

o Page Rank sculpting

o Copywriting

o Web usability

o Branding

As the Internet has grown into the competitive market that it is today it has become an essential way of increasing revenue and generating commercial success online. This commercial success is best achieved through the process of search engine optimisation; however the use of SEO should include the latest ethical techniques, which is known as white hat SEO. This white hat SEO produces results that last a long time. It is about creating content for users not search engines. In many ways SEO is similar to web development that promotes accessibility and it is not just about following guidelines. As with all things white hat SEO has an opposite, known as black hat SEO. Black hat SEO attempts to improve rankings in ways that are disapproved of by search engines. Search engines may penalise sites they discover using black hat methods, either by reducing their rankings or eliminating their listings from their databases altogether. Such penalties can be applied either automatically by the search engines' algorithms, or by a manual site review.

Search engine optimisation Andover is about more than fixing Meta information and writing content; it's about research and analysis. You need to know what a website should display and then apply this to the site to give it the best possible chance of succeeding within the search engine results.








Helen is the web master of Search Solutions, specialists in all aspects of performing Search Engine Optimisation.

Please feel free to republish this article provided a working hyperlink remains to our site







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We can get Your Website To The Top On Google and a Healthy position on Yahoo and Bing

Great results from Search Engine Optimisation Andover


Being on the front page of Google can transform your business. If your site isn't ranking in the search engines then it may as well not exist, if it is on page 2 or 3 ( or even lower) I doubt you are getting any worthwhile visitors at all. Using Connect Social Marketing we use a proven method that will  increase your visitor numbers and help you win much more new business from your website.

Success in Google and the other search engines means a huge increase in visitors and customers. Ranking a website and getting it to stay ranked is a very time consuming and skilled job, get it wrong and your site will disappear from the search engine results forever, get it right and your profits can sky rocket. Here at Connect we will find you the right keywords and strategy for your website. We use a carefully worked out campaign and aim to rank your site in about 12 weeks. We are strongly customer focused and revel in seeing our customers sales and profits increase.

We are a  professional, UK based SEO (search engine optimisation) company based in Andover in Hampshire, come and visit us if you wish and we can discuss your needs over a coffee or we can do the whole of your campaign online and never even meet, the choice is yours. 

We take care of everything, allowing you to concentrate on running your own business. We offer many different services and open many campaigns right across the spectrum of the internet, in most cases you don't even need to know or worry just what we do, you just need to answer the phones and look after your own customers. We do all the copywriting, design, press releases and social media activities getting you as  much online exposure as possible. 

We are passionate about what we do, we love our jobs and often work late into the night making sure you get the best service possible and making sure your company gets found online.   We can also help with every aspect of your website marketing and assist with Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) campaigns, Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) and Website Design.

If you want your site on page one of Google give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to discuss all your search engine optimisation in Andover needs.

Search Engine Optimisation Andover is a great keyword for this article.

For a reliable, low cost, hard working, professional Search Engine Optimisation Andover company who will achieve great front page results, look no further than Connect Social Marketing.


We look forward to hearing from you soon, and remember the quicker you call us, the sooner we can get to work on your site and gain you more customers, clients and profits.



What Really Is Search Engine Optimisation?

The role of search engine optimisation (SEO) is to make your website rank well for relevant search terms. There are a number of principles that if applied will help you to outrank your competitors in Google and other search engines. Following is an outline of the core ingredients to proper SEO….

Good Keyword Research

This is integral to any search engine optimisation campaign. If people aren't looking for something who really cares if you rank number 1 for a certain keyword phrase in Google? You need to identify keyword phrases that have people looking for them and that you have a chance of ranking for.

Optimise For Search Engines One Page at a Time

Search engine "spiders" crawl the internet indexing individual pages for the content they contain and rank them according to their relevance to search terms. If one page talks about bananas while another talks about fruit including apples, oranges, pears and bananas it is most likely that the one that just talks about only bananas would rank better when someone searches for bananas.

When planning your website it is important that you have one page per keyword phrase that you are targeting. This page may include secondary keywords and synonyms of the primary keyword but the goal will be to make that page the most relevant page on your website for the primary keyword phrase you are targeting.

As part of this optimisation you would include the keyword phrase in your title and description meta tags (this is what Google displays in their search engine results), in h1 tags, in your first and last paragraphs and throughout your content.

Quality Content

When writing content for your website write it for a human and then go back and optimise for Google. Search engine optimisation means nothing if you get people to your website but the quality is so poor that they immediately click the back button.

Google's algorhythm is now smart enough to recognise when people are trying to "game" the system by writing content specifically for the search engines…they also recognise when a large people are immediately clicking the back button to find a more relevant listing to their search query. Poor, spammy content will have a negative impact on your search engine optimisation efforts.


Internal linking between pages on your website helps Google and other search engines index every page on your website. As a general rule it should not take any more than 3 clicks from any one page on your site to another. If your website is properly structured it also allows authority that an individual page has been given by search engines to flow through to other pages that the page links to.

Once you have everything else right, the most important factor for ranking your website is going to be links from other websites (external linking). Every link to your website from another website is like a vote of confidence for your sites content…but not all votes are equal. The authority and relevance of the third party website will determine the value that is ascribed to a link, e.g. an industry body website with an article about irrigation with a link to your irrigation business is going to count for more than a link from your mechanic friend's website.

In summary:

If you are to rank well you need to identify the keywords that are relevant to you and that you can compete for. Once you have this list, write content for each of the keyword phrases to be placed on individual pages of your website, adding links to other pages where appropriate and incorporate these pages into your main site navigation. If you can set appropriate meta tags for the title and description (you may need the assistance of your webmaster).

Once your site is properly optimised it is then a matter of getting links to the pages you have created. This may be through asking associates to add links from their websites, paid advertising, posting in forums, commenting on blogs, creating other web properties that you can link back from…..There are numerous ways of building links to your website and the amount that will be required depends on your competition.

This article is meant only as an overview. Search engine optimisation is quite a complex skill that in most situations will require experience to outrank your competitors. It is often worth consulting with a search engine optimisation specialist to determine the viability of a search engine campaign.

Search engine optimisation services that may be offered include keyword research, content writing, onsite optimisation of your current website and external link building. An initial analysis from an SEO professional should give you an idea of what you may do yourself and what you will want to outsource and you can then determine the best way forward.

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